Sore Throat

Almost always sore throats are caused by a virus infection which antibiotics cannot cure. With simple treatment the patient normally gets better in four or five days. Tonsillitis usually starts with a sore throat, which causes pain on swallowing. There may be a fever, it might be possible to see white spots on the tonsils and glands in the neck may be swollen and painful. A hoarse voice, dry cough and sore throat indicate a viral laryngitis.

Adults: The best treatment for adults is to gargle with soluble Aspirin and then swallow it, four times daily. Use regular Paracetamol or Ibuprofen. Drink plenty of fluids and take steam inhalations.

Children: Paracetamol liquid (Calpol or Disprol) and plenty of drinks. Make an appointment to see the doctor if the sore throat is getting worse after two days, or if the patient complains of earache. Remember children under 16 should not be given Aspirin.