General Consultations

At Clinica, we offer both general consultations and consultations with specialist practitioners. Our private clinic in a central London location provides a professional, yet friendly atmosphere, with helpful and experienced staff available to perform private consultations.

We are also proud to offer home visits for consultations to patients residing within London, at competitive prices. In addition to private consultations with our doctors and home visits, we provide referrals to hospitals when needed.

In our private London clinic, we have two types of consultations; standard consultations (up to 20 minutes) for £100, and extended consultations (up to 30 minutes) for £125.

Consultations generally last 20 minutes, apart from certain situations such as health screens, full medicals and psychological assessments, when a double appointment could be required. If longer appointments are requested, then we shall endeavour to meet your needs.

Price Overview
· Standard consultation (up to 20 minutes) – £100
· Extended consultation (up to 30 minutes) – £125
· Home visit (within London area) – starting from £150, depending on distance from clinic and time of day or night

All patients are treated with the utmost confidentiality and professionalism, and our experienced and knowledgeable GPs will aspire to provide you with a private consultation at our clinic, once requested, on the same day or, should this not be possible for any reason, within 24 hours. Prescriptions are included following a consultation when applicable.


Home visits
Here at Clinica, we are happy to provide home visits within the London area at a very competitive rate – starting from £150 per visit depending on distance from the clinic and time of day or night.

These private home consultations are performed to the same exceptional standards as our in-clinic consultations, and as always patients will be treated with respect and care.

Patients, especially those living abroad or outside London can request appointments by email or fax.

An appointment can also be requested online at our website here