Higher diploma in Hijama, Prophetic Medicine and Ruqiya therapy


Clinica is now accepting applicants to enrol

onto our unique Hijama, Prophetic Medicine

and Ruqiya training programme aimed to

equip you with all the knowledge and skills to practice

Hijama, Prophetic Medicine and Ruqiya.


The course aims to target the theoretical and practical side of Hijama and Ruqyah over the course of a weekend.

Places are available for both male and females.

Note that female and male practitioners will both be available to segregate the practical side of the course for both male and female applicants.


Upon completion of the course you will be awarded a HPMI certificate of completion.

You will receive an accredited Higher Diploma and will be licensed to practice anywhere in the U.K.

You will receive a complete Hijama kit to help start your own business right away.


Course Outline

The course will target many topics

including, Anatomy and physiology,

diseases cured by Hijama, matters of health

and safety, herbal recipes and many more.

Each step of the way the treatments are taught

holistically, covering Hijama with Prophetic

Medicine and Ruqyah, where applicable.

There will be 6 modules plus the Ruqyah and Prophetic Medicine Module, followed by a at least 6 patients for clinical placement competency.

Why take this course?


About our practitioner


The course is an extremely unique program. We take a holistic approach, which includes the teaching of Ruqiya, Prophetic Medicine and Reflexology Our lecturer, a renowned scholar, has over 20 years of experience in this field. He is prominent lecturer, in demand in this area of expertise worldwide. Well travelled, he has given lectures all across the globe and brings all the knowledge of executing different medical approaches. His approach to teaching is a humble one, He recognises different cognitive abilities, ensuring that each student is given time to understand every detail. The knowledge you gain from this course through his guidance is priceless, his thorough approach to teaching is truly captivating, ensured that no details will be missed.





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