Circumcision Clinic

The Clinica circumcision clinic has

Performed hundreds of safe and

pain free circumcisions on males of all ages

With our specialist and well respected Dr Safwan Refai

you can be rest assured to be in safe hands.


Our clinic uses the most modern and safe

methods paying close attention to achieving

the best cosmetic outcome for your baby, child or adult.

In addition we are proud to serve a large community of Muslims as well as local Jewish and Christian communities from across London and families of various cultural backgrounds for circumcision at extremely competitive rates. Whatever your reason for circumcision, our friendly staff welcome you with open arms.


Why choose us?

Our practitioner is one of the best in the countryboasting over 27 years of experience, he is a certified

specialist in baby and adult circumcision and uses

the latest medical electrical surgery methods as well

as the conventional methods (on request).

benefits of circumcision


There is evidence that circumcision has health benefits including: